Monday, March 15, 2010

my take home chef

whhhoooooaaaaahhhhh! XD
omg! he is so cute! huhuu XD

this chef damn cute weyhh! hahaaaa first time watch that show n tbe2 hve crush to the chef! hahahaa. btw, he already 34 y/o. so sad. hahahaa. dont know he married or not. hahahaa hope not. :D omg! he damn cute!

this morning got physics's tuition. hmm oke la. seronok then just now is chems tuition. sgt seronok. sit besides tinie mmg bnyk ckp. hahahahaa before this snyap je. thnx to tinie sbb tuka group. hehehe XD

HOMEWORK DAMNNN BNYK WEYHH! wanna start cry n cry. hhuhuhuuu. go! go! go! chucky. u can do it. sacrifices everything for this year only n for spm. chucky gonna get 9A+ and chucky oso hve to study hard n study smart. make ur parent happy!Insyaallah.. Aminnn...